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In November 2004, the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) announced their top ten global issues and challenges for the hospitality industry for 2005. Number two in their list was Human Resources:

“Human Resources is an area that is growing in importance. As the industry continues to recover, it needs to focus on its employees. Increasing demand requires increased staffing levels at a time when the labor pool is shrinking. To address this issue, the industry must […] devote more time and money to recruitment and training.”

Already, fortunes are invested by hotels around the world in recruitment and training at all levels, in an on-going, and normally losing, battle of Human Resource retention. There is nothing more frustrating than when good people, in whom we invest many resources, up and leave to a competitor hotel. Not only is the resource himself lost, but we also lose the knowledge they possess to the competitor, which may result in our losing a marketing edge. Moreover they are capable of redirecting business to the competitor if they so desire. The HSMT Group is committed to assisting the hospitality industry face these challenges.

How then can we effectively and efficiently reduce the turnover of staff and management, and thereby reduce the negative effects of such turnover, within the chain?

We are proud to present…… ReTRiM™

The new Recruitment and Talent Retention Management system provides the technologies and software tools that are designed to significantly reduce costs; ease, simplify, and increase efficiency of the recruitment and talent relationship management processes, and assist in maintaining the ‘interest factor’ for your managers and staff. By integrating the ReTRiM™ solution, hospitality companies can fully exploit their existing assets, attract the best potential talent, and pioneer the market.

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