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A unique new career management tool for hospitality professionals, this web-based application allows you to create and update your personal profile whenever convenient for you, from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, your personal details are protected by your own user name and password.

You define the job types and positions in which you are interested, including geographic locations, willingness to travel, your ability to carry out shift work, and so on. Once complete, MyHospitalityCareer.Net will immediately return positions currently open and available in the system which meet your skills and preferences.

If you prefer, you can remain incognito to potential employers until such time as you decide to reveal your identity, and there is a built-in mail system for communication between yourself and the employers who show an interest in you. Therefore, you can communicate from anywhere without any need for your personal email client.

There is even a built-in salary survey so you can test your real worth and adjust your salary requirements accordingly.

This application, in addition to being customized to the hospitality industry, is also interfaced to www.thejobnetwork.com, a centralized multi-industry version of the same application, which is used by over 1000 newspapers and newspaper publishers in the USA and Europe to power their classified job sections on the Internet. As a result, your candidacy will be shown to all the relevant job advertisers using 'The Job Network', and in reverse, you will also, automatically, be shown relevant available positions from the huge worldwide database held on 'The Job Network' database.

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