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Internship Management

In hotel schools around the world, much emphasis is placed on time spent working in industry. In almost all cases, one of the requirements for qualification is for at least one internship period (and often two) of six months. The task of allocating students to internship places is often laborious and unforgiving, involving many resources both for the school and for the partner hotel companies.

The HSMT Group has developed a unique solution, based on Redmatch technologies, to make the allocation of students to internship places more efficient for all sides: employer, student and hotel school.

Partner hotel companies

    The partner hotel companies access the web-based application with a user ID and password as provided by the hotel school. Available internships are entered, including all position details. These positions are stored permanently, and do not require re-entry every year. When the partner company is interested in recruiting for a particular position, they 'Publish' the position, and then the hotel school is able to view the details.


    The students, upon beginning their undergraduate studies, will be required to enter their personal profiles, again protected by a personal password. This is a one-time activity, although the students will be advised to update their profiles from time to time.

Hotel School

    The hotel school will act as a recruitment office as far as the internship management is concerned. They will be notified of the students who are most suitable for each position, and will be able to manage the communications between the employer and the prospective employee. The hotel school can also manage the recruitment process, including interviews, tests and assessments. At the end of the process, the relevant student profile will be marked as 'Hired' and the position will be removed from publication status, until the partner hotel wishes to recruit another student to a similar position.

The interns management system is interfaced to the hotel school's internal student management system, to validate any attempted login to the system. Any attempt by a foreign agent (i.e. anyone who is NOT a registered student) will be denied, and only genuine students will be granted access.

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