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Alumni Associations

Having qualified, the hotel school student can either choose to become a member of the relevant alumni association, or this membership is made automatically. With only the simplest of updates to their personal profile, the profile is immediately moved to the relevant Alumni site, and is available for matching against the thousands of open positions on the site.

In addition, each specific alumni association is given a unique domain name, whose access will be restricted in a similar fashion to that of the internship site. Only those will a valid alumnus ID and password will be granted access, and all others will be denied.

Hotel companies

    Hotel companies who are interested in alumni can access the domain for their particular alumni association. Here they can either create a new position, including all details, or recall an existing one. When they are interested in recruiting for a particular position, they 'Publish' the position, and then they are presented with the matching candidates from within the alumni database.


    The alumni, upon concluding their undergraduate studies, can access their personal profiles and remove the 'Internship' identifier. This process automatically moves the profile from internship status to alumnus status. From then on, the alumni will be able to view matching positions through their dedicated alumni site.

If the alumnis either decides not to join the association, or leaves the association for whatever reason, an additional small change to their personal profile will cause the profile to move from the alumni database to the worldwide database for hospitality careers, www.myhospitalitycareer.net. Here they will be able to access and update their profile freely.

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