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Peter Weddle, Publisher
Weddle's Newsletters, Guides & Directories on e-recruiting (December 2001)
“Redmatch takes recruiting beyond simply putting round pegs in round holes. It represents a new generation of recruitment tools. It adds the precision necessary for quality matching between talent and jobs and the communication tools necessary to make it happen. Redmatch is in an excellent position to become the technology partner to many employment related sites”.
(This article is no longer available on the web)

Dr. Charles Handler
Electronic Recruiting Exchange (September 2002)
"Redmatch […] offers a product that uses artificial intelligence to take matching to a whole new level, making keyword searching and resume parsing technology look silly."

Budd Margolis
Interview with poolonline.com (December 2002)
"Redmatch is the planet Earth's best job placement application. It can perform so many functions that it is better to visit the web site and review for yourself."

Anuntis (Spain's largest publisher)
Onrec.com (February 2003)
"It was important for us to retain all the assets that we have already built in our site like the candidate and client database. The integration with the Redmatch software enabled us to retain these assets and build on them additional value. After a few months of integration we have launched the improved site. We are very satisfied with the results."

Dr. Charles Handler & Steve Hunt
Electronic Recruiting Exchange (June 2003)
“Redmatch primarily targets newspapers; however, they can power any job board or career portal.[...] Redmatch also provides interviewing and candidate management tools that work around their core offerings. The end result is the creation of a modular, self-contained system that uses innovative tools to add a great deal of efficiency to the sourcing process.”

Olga Karif
Business Week Online (August 2004)
"Another emerging competitor [to Monster] is Israeli startup Redmatch. Its technology allows newspapers to post their help-wanted ads online. Redmatch's software matches job-seekers with employers based on skills and requirements, reducing the time needed to sift through ads and resumes. Already, more than 150 US newspapers have linked to Redmatch's internet network, featuring more than 85,000 ads."



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